Welcome! I gladly invite you for a visit to my studio, which has been recreated in 3D. I live in French Guiana (South America), which might be far away for many, but thanks to modern technology I can still welcome you in my habitat virtually!

The artworks shown in the Virtual Studio Visit, can also be found in the Catalog. It is also possible to place and view the works of art in your own space through 3D at home. Can’t find the work that you want to see in your own space on the 3D at home page? Please feel free to let me know which work it concerns, by sending me a message.


Social Media update

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My appreciation goes out to the following people who made this website and Virtual Studio Visit possible:

- Vita Erkelens Lie-A-Fo |3D Designer, Unity Walkthrough, Augmented Reality, Website editor

Maria & John jr. Lie-A-Fo, Philippe Roger |Photography

Daan Krause |Graphic Designer, Logo, Webdesign 

Wesley van Proosdij |Music Composer

- Cassandra Gummels-Relyveld, Ada Korbee |Text Edit 

- Nathalie Chanrion | Graphic mark